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Find the solutions to your frequently asked questions related to your research project here. Access over 150 helpful video's through the Research Masterminds YouTube channel, neatly organised in playlists for easy consumption.

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There's a life beyond academia? Yes! Here, you will find blog posts related to life in and outside academia.

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Join the Research Masterminds Success Academy!


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The Research Masterminds YouTube channel was established in 2017, and the Research Masterminds website in 2020. But there is more… A safe haven offering you coaching, community and content to boost your research experience and productivity. This membership site is for postgraduate students working on a masters or doctoral research project who are passionate about life, adamant about completing their studies successfully and ready to get a head-start on their academic career.

A Gift from One Academic to Another

Use these freebies to tar the road to success

Timeline Template

This template and video will give guidance on how to put together a timeline for your research project. Download the free template, keep it safe until you need it and share it with others.

Chrome Bookmarks Folder

Have all the helpful website URLs a click away on your browser. Get your free Academic Hub Bookmarks folder with detailed instructions to add it to your Chrome Browser.

Time Management on the Move

Need some ideas on how to spend your time on the commute or in other passive waiting situations? Get your free guide with 28 powerful suggestions.

"Create your own Thesis Template" Guide

Build your own dissertation template in Microsoft Word in 10 easy steps. This free guide contains video instructions so that you don't have to struggle even one bit.

"5 Steps to a Successful Application" Guide

This free guide contains resources to develop an epic academic CV that will boost your confidence and put you on top of their list.

PRISMA Flow Diagram Calculator in Microsoft Excel

Becoming best friends with the PRISMA 2020 Statement is highly recommended. This calculator in Microsoft Excel will make completing the PRISMA 2020 flow diagram much easier.

Article Summary Table template

Using the Article Summary Table template, you can neatly add a summary of each study to a table. This table is handy because you can easily refer to a specific article without searching through piles of pdfs.

Dissertation Tips & Tweaks Checklist

Once you have written up your dissertation, your index finger will be itching to click the submit button and get on with your life. Pause. Work through this checklist, then submit and celebrate!


Sample Introduction

This example of an introduction will help ensure your paragraphs flow neatly and that they are structured to help the reader understand what you are trying to say. Complete with tips and guidance embedded.

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Read the interesting history of - challenges make us stronger indeed!

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Together, by sharing what we know, we will make the lives of others easier. Share your challenges, solutions and suggestions here. Let's make the go-to place for all postgraduate students, researchers and academics.

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Postgraduate Student, save yourself many hours of frustration!

This thesis/dissertation template consists of generic functions packaged for your convenience into a consumer-friendly, ready-to-use template. The silent film shows you what the template looks like. Also, click the button below for a list of features.


For a neat and professional thesis, dissertation or research report - completed with joy! 


Research Proposal Templates

This is where every research project starts - with a solid, scientifically sound and good-looking proposal. These templates incorporate appropriate headings and have built-in Microsoft Word functions to reduce stress and amplify your feeling of accomplishment. At the same time, you can focus on what’s the most important, namely the science behind your project.

Scoping Review Research Proposal Template


Qualitative Research Proposal Template


Quantitative Observational Research Proposal Template


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