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Images and your research project: an all-in-one how-to guide

Doing a masters or doctoral project teaches one not only about research but also about all other types of skills, such as preparing your images so you can add them to your thesis, dissertation or publication. These four videos will give you some guidance when it comes to combining multiple images into one, de-identifying the model in an image, creating an image out of anything and removing the background of an image.

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Your Systematic Review Search Strategy

The search strategy can get one down when doing a systematic, scoping or any other type of review. This series of videos will help you organise your keywords and apply the essential principles to a search done in Medline via Pubmed. To explain the importance of keeping track of the number of studies you find, I also give you a glimpse into the PRISMA 2020 flow diagram.

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Outlook Calendar Tips & Tricks

Outlook Calendar has so much potential! In this blog post, referring to three videos, I highlight the most valuable tips and tricks to boost your productivity when using Microsoft Office 365 Outlook Calendar.

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6 ways to use concept mapping in your research

A concept map is a great way to present all the moving parts in your research project. I recommend using this technique when you start thinking about your new research topic all the way through to the end product, and once you submitted your thesis, dissertation or research article, you can use this technique to plan your next project.

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Keep track of your postgraduate students' research progress

Keeping track of your postgraduate students' research progress is important. Both to allow you to give them the guidance they need when they need it, but also to add some proactive planning to your own schedule. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how I keep track of the research progress of the postgraduate students under my supervision.

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The New HPCSA CPD Self-Service Platform: Before you throw your Laptop out the Window, Read Here

The way in which the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) is monitoring Continuing Professional Development (CPD) compliance has changed. In the past, the HPCSA randomly drew names of practitioners and audited them for their compliance with the CPD requirements. Now, the HPCSA has developed a CPD Self-Service Platform and all healthcare practitioners are required to upload their CPD activities there.

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Go Fast, Go Far, Go with Kindness and Respect

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” - African proverb. Let us value others for who they are whether it’s for going fast or far. The Island University of Kind Efficiency is recruiting, and this is your official invitation to a job interview.

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