Images and your research project: an all-in-one how-to guide


Doing a masters or doctoral project teaches one not only about research but also about all other types of skills, such as preparing your images so you can add them to your thesis, dissertation or publication. These four videos will give you some guidance when it comes to combining multiple images into one, de-identifying the model in an image, creating an image out of anything and removing the background of an image. 

Combine multiple images into one using PowerPoint

This video demonstrates how to combine multiple images or photos into one file or figure using Microsoft Powerpoint. If you need to submit several figures combined into one to a journal or insert them into your thesis or dissertation, this video will show you an easy way to go about that.

 De-identify the model in your image

This video will show you how to cover a person's face in an image that you would like to use for publication in an academic journal or your thesis/dissertation. Even though you are covering the face, remember that the participant/model in the photo should still consent you to use the image for publication. You can also hide any other information in a picture such as text, number plates or anything else you prefer not to make public.

Turn anything into an image

This video will demonstrate how to use the snipping tool on a Windows PC. Use the snipping tool if you have, e.g. a graph drawn in Word or any other program and would like to turn it into an image (JPEG, PNG, GIF, MHT formats). This is a nice tool to use to enhance the presentation of your research project or manuscript!

Remove the background of an image

This video will show you two different methods that you can use to remove the background of an image, picture or photo. If you are doing a presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, removing the background of an image will ensure that the image blends in with the background. You may want to remove the background of a logo so that you can paste it onto a letterhead, for example. Or maybe you want to use an image, but the background is so busy that it detracts the attention from what you want the reader to see. You can remove the background inside PowerPoint 2016 or through the use of this online tool:

Congratulate yourself on every new skill learned, and editing your images is one of them. Well done!


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Photo by Vlada Karpovich


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