Outlook Calendar Tips & Tricks


The Outlook Calendar is a powerful productivity tool, and we can do a lot to get the most out of it if we know how to use Outlook Calendar effectively. So, optimise your productivity and effectiveness by implementing these Outlook Calendar tips and tricks. Enjoy this 3-part video series!

Part 1 | How to use Outlook Calendar effectively

I’ll show you a few quick and easy ways to find a suitable timeslot between you and your colleagues within the same organization using the scheduling assistant in Outlook Calendar. Another easy way to turn an email into a meeting is to drag it to the calendar icon. You can also drag a calendar entry to the email icon to turn it into an email. Then, to give a colleague a glimpse of what is going on in your calendar, you can insert your Outlook Calendar into an email. Also, you may want to insert a Teams meeting by default into all meetings created in your Outlook Calendar – yip; this can be done as well. Then last but not least, we all know how easily one can screw up a booking when working across time zones. No need to risk messing it up anymore, just add another time zone to your calendar view.

Part 2 | Increase your Productivity with Outlook Calendar

If you need to go to a specific date in your Outlook Calendar, it’s easy to get there, and I'll show you how. Also, you’ll be the first who will want to show your colleague how you can type almost anything into the date bar in Outlook Calendar and you’ll be taken to that day. You can also add holidays and the weather to your calendar just to make life a little bit more convenient for you.

Part 3 | How to Manage your Outlook Calendar

This video shows you how to view your calendar while you are in your email window, just so that you have both calendar and email close (as is often needed, because the place where online meetings are born is in that inbox of ours). This video also shows you how to add a calendar and use colours to categorize your appointments. It also shows you a quick way to view what’s in store for you in terms of the day ahead. You can also change how you view your calendar entries and get Outlook to give you the default option to end your meetings 5min earlier to get that well-deserved body break.

My advice to you is not to try and implement all these tips and tricks in one go. Make a few of the ones which are most appealing to you, yours, and then tackle the others once you are used to the new way of doing things.

Have fun!


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